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The SoftMouse.NET Team is honored to welcome former MouseHouseApp.com, MouseColony.com, GenoTrack, JAX Colony Management System (JCMS), gMouse, MouseHouse, FileMaker Pro and Spreadsheet users who are looking for a Same Day Support, User-Friendly, Trusted and Reliable Rodent Colony Management System (Online Software and Database). Switch to SoftMouse.NET

It is important to rely on companies with a strong history of providing reliable and continuous colony management services. Providing continuous colony management software solutions is a serious business that requires sustainable financial revenue to support the ongoing data management needs of researchers not a grant funded software project which will cease operations when funding is stopped and the developers discontinue the application leaving the researchers data hostage to an abandoned system. Learn more about SoftMouse.NET Colony Software features

Who is SoftMouse.NET?

Iseehear Inc. Life Sciences, the parent company that provides SoftMouse.NET mouse colony management software, has been in business for 20 years and they have a strong Intellectual Property Research Data Rights Policy in place. As well their customers have Research Data Portability options available to them.

Iseehear Inc. Life Sciences has incident management and monitoring processes in place to manage events that may compromise the integrity or availability of services, systems or data. If an incident occurs, the Incident Management Team logs and prioritizes the incident according to its severity and any major incident that impacts the up-time of the cloud systems will be posted on the Iseehear Health Status Check Dashboard. Events that directly impact customers will be assigned the highest priority. Learn more about Iseehear Inc. - Health Status Check

Previous users of GenoTrack (Provided by Halogenics)

GenoTrack colony and animal facility management systems is no longer provided or supported by Halogenics. It is recommended that former GenoTrack users switch to the SoftMouse.NET colony management software and database.

Previous users of MouseHouseApp.com

Important note for the previous users of MouseHouseApp.com, as you know, the former registrants of this domain name MouseHouseApp.com stopped providing access to their colony management application earlier this year (2019).
Since the Spring of 2019, previous clients of MouseHouseApp.com have contacted the team at SoftMouse.NET because of their urgent need for a secure and reliable colony management system and they have subsequently switched over to using the SoftMouse.NET colony management software / database. As a result of the demand from former MouseHouseApp.com clients, the team at SoftMouse.NET has stepped up and acquired access to the MouseHouseApp.com domain name in order to inform previous users of MouseHouseApp.com that they can switch to the Trusted and Reliable SoftMouse.NET colony management software.

Previous users of the JAX Colony Management System (JCMS)

Specifically regarding JAX Colony Management System (JCMS), as you may know:
  • The National Institute of Health (NIH) program that has funded JAX Colony Management System (JCMS) development for the past eight years has ended (NIH (GM072863)).
  • Jackson Laboratory Colony Management System (JAX-JCMS) software is no longer in development and is provided “as is".
  • Support for existing JAX Colony Management System (JCMS) software functionality ended August 31, 2015.
For former JAX Colony Management System (JCMS) users who do not have the time to become software developers or database administrators and would rather focus on their research, we encourage you to join those who have already made the easy switch to the SoftMouse.NET Colony Management System.

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