A Better Way to Organize Your Mice

Using paper and Excel for managing mice is ridiculous. Our solution will save you hours of time and lower your cage count. Organize your mice with a few taps, drag and drop to wean, get alerts for overcrowding or health issues. Get a personalized demo and get started with your free 30 day trial by signing up below!

Awesome Features

Alerts for just about anything

You have a lot to do in lab. MouseHouseApp takes away the hassle of keeping track of the big and little things. Get Smart Breeding alerts to setup or retire breeding pairs, automatic alerts to wean mice, and customize alerts for your experiments.

Tap, drag and drop
Power at your fingertips

Moving a male from one breeding cage to another? Just drag and drop. With MouseHouseApp, everything is accessible by a few taps. It’s real power at your gloved fingertips.

Get in the fast lane with
Smart Breeding

Embedded algorithms, called Smart Breeding, understand each of your breeding pair’s productivity. Merely input your genetic goals and experimental needs, and Smart Breeding takes care of the rest. It will suggest mice to breed and cull based on your needs and your colony’s performance.

Collaborate with anyone
in your lab or across the hall

Science is inherently collaborative. A student and post-doc may work together on a project, a PI may want to view a census report, or a tech may manage mice for the entire lab. Whatever the situation, MouseHouseApp is built for it.

The best part is the pricing
Save time and money

We offer affordable pricing to fit the needs of any lab. Budgets are tight and it’s tough out there. We are researchers ourselves and we know how budgets are getting stretched. Our team is dedicated to helping labs save money and time and will develop a pricing plan to fit your needs and your budget. Call or email us today!

Additional Features

Export your data to Excel

You can export all of your data to Excel with a simple tap or click. You can even opt to get a weekly snapshot of your cages.

Amazing customer support

We are always an email or call away. We can help you resolve any issue quickly.


As scientists we take security seriously. The app is hosted on servers that have never been hacked using the gold standard of security. Your science is safe with MouseHouseApp.


Our web app is accessible from any computer -- PC or Mac. The web app works just like the tablet. There is nothing new to learn.

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We’re revolutionizing the way scientists track and breed lab mice

MouseHouseApp was created to change the way scientists track and breed lab mice. You no longer have to worry about keeping track of paper, spreadsheets and binders—our high-tech application suite handles everything for you.

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